VRM offer wide array of solar PV combiner Box. With today's PV market rapidly evolving and talking into account that no two PV installations are the same, VRM provides completely customized Solar PV Combiner Box solution with the use of tp quality products which are suitable for different solar power applications. with our highly experienced design and production tam, we engineer to meet any stringent safety standard along with long term reliability as per our customer's requirement. with VRM widely recognized manufacturing capabilities and dedication towards supplying top quality product, we strive towards developing and manufacturing customized PV Combiner Boxes within a competitive timeframe.


VRM offers different type of PV Combiner Box as per the customer requirement. We deal from Array Junction Boxes to string Combiner Boxes to string Combiner Boxes. The Solar PV Combiner Box is Customized based on the input leads from the Solar PV Module and the output lead either to inverter or a Mian Junction Box (MJB). Our array of options specifically built for you:

  • Providing Transparent/Non-Transparent/Hinge Type IP65 Enclosures.
  • Providing DC Fuses for each string for overload protection on both positive and negative ends.
  • Providing DC/AC Digital/Analog Meters.
  • Provide String Monitoring tomeasuement of string currents.
  • Providing RS 485 Communication port for MODBUS.
  • Providing Reverse Blocking Diodes.
  • Providing Automatic TImer Settings.
  • Easy DC Termination using MC4 Connectors.
  • Providing Safety markings.
  • Providing 100% tested and inspected components before dispatch to customer.