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VRM offers end to end services in setting up Rooftop based Solar Photovoltaic power projects on EPC or turnkey basis. It conceives & implements solar power projects from the concept to installation and maintenance, using the best available technologies and cutting edge technical solutions by relying on highly qualified professionals to accomplish the deliverable at international standards.

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Quality Standards for project execution:

As a solar EPC company, our priority is to reduce the lifetime cost of energy, which means ensuring long system life and high durable performance by:

  • Rigorous shadow analysis to optimize the plant design from surroundings throughout the year
  • Using high quality components, including Tier 1 modules backed by robust linear degradation warranties and top ranked inverter and other BOS of systems.
  • System design to satisfy the location requirements, including wind speed, corrosion risks and maintenance requirements & other factors
  • In-house Engineering, Procurement, Projects and O&M teams which work together closely on each project design
  • World class remote monitoring and O&M to maximize operational performance

Why Choose Us?

  • Emphasis on quality:
  • VRM accentuate incredibly on the quality, guaranteeing right from the modules to the inverters to the mounting structure, that every component in your solar PV plant meets top-notch.

  • Guaranteed Performance:
  • VRM Energy guarantees the performance ratio of every PV plant that it constructs ensuring that your revenue streams are steady.

Our Expertise

VRM is a well established solar industry leader in processing mass projects.The organisation has to set its own route by kickstarting with the site visit, detailed study on the structure and environmental engineering.Subsequently, using the inference of the the analysi, procurement is executed in order to enter construction phase.System is constructed based on the requirements and location analysis.The quality of the outcome is tested and accredited which is thoroughly operated and maintained.

Our Solution

VRM vast experience in delivering solar solutions ensures seamless completion of each solar plant, from its conceptualization, design & engineering to commissioning. While reducing costs happens to be the prime word for businesses, sustainability is surely becoming a social as well as non-negotiable government mandate.
VRM customizes solutions for businesses by finding the right capacity, design and mechanism based on ground conditions. A few businesses demand a complex installation either due to structure, landscape or a combination of elements that impact developing smart and long lasting installations.
VRM provide all the solution under one roof right from initial site analysis, project execution and successful delivery. We procure innovative, tried, tested and sustainable energy efficient products to reduce your energy consumption.
VRM deploy exemplary technology to design, install and commission standard energy projects worldwide. Our highly skilled Team ensures the completion of each committed project from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance for the complete lifespan of the plant.Our motto is to engage, develop & monitor the gap between conventional energy and solar energy and provide help using world class clean energy solutions.

Our Team

Muthukumar Rathinam

Managing Director

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