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Here are the services we offer

Solar EPC Rooftop & Ground Mounted

VRM offers end to end services in setting up grid connected/off grid/Rooftop based Solar Photovoltaic power projects. Our Solar division is specialized in the setting up of solar photo voltaic power plants on EPC or turnkey basis. It conceives & implements solar power projects form the conception to installation and maintenance, using the best available technologies and cutting edge technical solutions by relying on highly qualified professionals to accomplish the deliverables to the highest international standards.

VRM provides

  • Site Survey and Land Selection
    • Site Contour Survey
    • Selection of good land to reduce earth work and maximum power generation
    • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Solar Insolation and Grid power available at site
    • Load Bearing Capacity of Soil at Site
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report
    • Technical
      • Site Feasibility
      • Contour Survey Report
      • Calculation of Earth Work and Factors of Maximum power generation
      • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Solar Insolation and Grid power available at site
      • Load Bearing Capacity of Soil at Site
      • Civil and Electrical Master Plan
      • Technology Selection and Generation Forecast
      • System Design
      • Time line or PERT Chart
    • Financial Modeling
      • Detailed Estimate of Cash Flow
      • Pay Back Calculations
  • Liasioning with End Customer / Government
    • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
    • Grid Continuity for Power Evacuation
    • Timely Payment Collection
    • Clearances from Environmental Pollution Control Organization, Grid Corporation of India, DISCOM, CERC, State nodal agency of MNRE, Local Governments, etc.,
    • REC / AD / CER Certificates and sale of the same to CDM buyers
  • Support to get finances in time in cost
    • Our Meaningful / targeted DPR and long experience to win finances, particularly for Solar PV Projects from financial Institutions, Support to achieve tough time lines of PPA.
  • Basic & Detailed Engineering
    • Single Line Diagram (SLD)
    • Civil Master Plan
    • Electrical Master Plan including power evacuation system
    • Component Selection
    • Wiring Diagram
    • Bill of Material
    • Testing Protocol and Quality Module Planning (QMP)
    • System Acceptance Planning
  • Preparation of RFQ
    • An Exhaustive and targeted request for quotation RFQ document to get flawless quality and desired quantity material in targeted time and cost.
    • This also bound the guaranty / warrantee terms and conditions of desired material and energy generation
    • This also serves a legal document in case of any quality or quantity mismatch.
  • Completion of Bidding Process
    • This includes the evacuation of received quotations
    • Preparation of techno commercial comparative study of quotations to support in finalization of suppliers, time lines and cost
  • Preparation of Legal terms and conditions for work order
    • Preparation of legal terms and conditions for purchase order
    • Quality control and Supply chain Management
  • Installation and Pre Commissioning test
    • Our Experienced installation team ensures / serves you flaw less and quality installation followed by pre commissioning tests in presence of third party QC engineers
  • Commissioning and Power Evacuation
    • The joint efforts of our dedicated commissioning team along with power evacuation Liasioning engineers support us to achieve in time, quality and maximum power evacuation.
  • Acceptance test between supplier and customer
    • Our transparent, predefined, itemized, step by step, acceptance test plan in presence of customer strengthens us to maintain long relations with them.
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Preparation of Quarterly and Annual Performance Report

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